Joplin Enlightened Underground


This is the home for the Joplin Enlightened Faction or JEF. This is not an official Ingress page and has no direct connection with the game in any way.

We are merely a collection of players who happen to play for the Enlightened Faction within the four-state area.

When many of us started we noticed that it was left up to us to learn many of the basics of how to play and how to strategize. Because of that we decided to create a centralized location for us to learn and strategize so that we can take over Joplin and the surrounding areas for the Enlightenment as well as eradicate the Resistance from the area! At first we will be focusing on building lower level players quickly and as we grow we will continue that focus while creating a central hub for operations that advance our cause in a much bigger area.

Marching Orders

One of the main purposes of this site is to create a centralized location for marching orders. Also since we are focusing on building lower leveled players it will focus on portals and areas that are easily controlled or captured.

Again as we grow we will be able to focus more on fighting the Resistance but for now we will focus on portals that we have already captured or are almost depleted.

This week's goals is to control the area of North Eastern Joplin and South Western Joplin with only 15 portals and only two enemy portals

Portals displayed as green are already owned by us. Portals listed as blue are currently held by the Resistance and may need upper level help. While portals that are white are uncaptured.

Published at 04/30/2015

Main Portals

  1. First Presbyterian of Carthage
  2. Peace Lutheran
  3. 9-11 Memorial (VFW)
  4. 4th St. Bowl
  5. Lullabye Land Monument
  6. Bethel Worship Center

Users level 5 and up are encouraged to beef up these locations as they will be critical to controlling the area we want this week.

Link Map

Please check this map before linking to make sure that the portals are linked in the most efficient way.

Upper Level Missions

  1. Reinforce the portals labled as Main Portals
  2. Destroy the portal at Central City Church - Located on 7th and Central City Road West of Joplin
  3. Destroy College Heights Christian Church
  4. Start looking between Main and Rangeline around 7th steet.

More to come

This site will be growing as we have time and resources. Please feel free to contact us with suggestions for this website.

Some of the ideas we are pursuing are:

  1. A Wiki for sharing knowledge
  2. A blog for weekly briefs and sending orders